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People of Earth Season 2 torrent Description:

A gathering satire around an outsider abductee bolster amass spins around a writer's examination of the individuals' assumed extraterrestrial encounters. As prepared essayist Ozzie Graham digs assist into crackpot claims made by individuals from StarCrossed, his underlying wariness starts to turn when he hears their stories firsthand and acknowledges he may have a story to tell, as well.

Genre: Comedy
Viewed: 451

Room 104 Season 1 torrent Description:

Room 104 is an up and coming American TV treasury arrangement made by Jay and Mark Duplass. The arrangement, requested by and airing on HBO, will make a big appearance on July 28, 2017. The arrangement is set in a solitary room of an American lodging, investigating characters who go through it in every scene.

Genre: Comedy
Viewed: 693

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